About Toft Dairy

Our ice creams are premium. You should know that there’s more to ice cream than butterfat. Taste, for example. That’s why we’re one of the few dairies left that still cook our vanilla, which is the base for all of our flavors. Cooking imparts a unique flavor not found in cold whipped ice cream. That’s why Real Ice Cream tastes Like Toft’s!

Our fertile Great Lakes soil has made northwest Ohio a leading agricultural center for hundreds of years. Chris and Matilda Toft’s dairy cows grazing on lush pastures in Erie County gave enough milk for the family plus some to sell. The husband and wife team drove their horse-drawn Toft’s milk wagon through the streets of Sandusky selling milk by the dipper. That was 1900. Today, the cows that give the milk that goes to Toft Dairy still graze that rich pastureland Chris and Matilda’s herds did over 100 years ago.